Eufy 2K Indoor Camera Setup Outdoors – 6+ Month Review

Eufy 2K Indoor Camera Setup Outdoors – 6+ Month Review

Figured it was time to share an update on my two Eufy 2K Indoor camera that I’ve had outdoors for the past 6+ months. My first post on these camera can be found on Reddit HERE

Six months later both cameras are working just fine. A few days after installing the first camera I added a second on the front porch as seen in the photos.

I haven’t changed anything since the day they were put up short of minor camera angles. The one on the deck is cover more that the driveway camera with it not being any rain or direct sunlight. The camera that point out to the driveway though technically covered from the roof edge it does get direct sunlight, rain, snow and cold winds. During the summer we can Seel hurricane CAT1 winds and through the winter it came spike down to -20C to -30C (-2F to -22F) with wind chills.

I run them with Apple HomeKit which works perfect as I have the iCloud 2TB package which gives me unlimited cameras. With HomeKit they pickup specific movement if it’s a car, person or even a package delivery.

The only issue I’ve had with the camera is the nighttime sensor. Randomly the sensor picks up particles in the air that we cannot see. If it’s a bad night they can be seen with night vision. Almost looks like a snow storm. You can see my post with a video here¬† Apparently there is a starlight sensor that tuft could enable/use that would fix this issue but again, these are indoor cameras so I expect a trade off so I can’t put that cameras down because of this.

If you’re looking for a reasonably price 2K camera that’s HomeKit enabled you can’t beat this camera and right now as of writing this they have a $15 off coupon

As for the “Wireless Home Security System” that’s HomeKit enabled I was tempted to pick one up as the cameras are on sale at $100 right now on Amazon


2K model

With that said keep in mind that you still need a “Home Base” first in order to use the cameras. I’m on the fence to get one or not with it being holiday season which makes it harder to spend the money but maybe down the road.

If you’re interested the 1080P HomeBase with two cameras is on sale as I write this at $90 off for $209

For me I’d want the 2K cameras system even if HomeKit only records at 1080P. I’d rather future proof myself a little bit.

I would certainly recommend be it for in the house or to monitor what’s going on at the front door.