On the heel of what has been a mosquito infested summer we’ve attempted to keep them away by spraying our bushes, trees and surrounding area with mosquito replant and for the most part it does work but it’s the application that gets tedious. While you can get a few good days out of spraying and fogging your yard it does need to be re-applied on a regular basis and more so if you get rain which will wash the repellent away that much faster.

We found that hiring someone to fog the property to have the biggest impact in keeping them away and for the longest amount of time but paying to have someone do so weekly or bi-weekly depending on how intrusive they can be can gets costly.

This is why I turned to Ryobi. They seem to have a tool for most applications when many other brands just do not have a tool for that specific area. As I already have some Ryobi batteries I figured I would order the Fogger with it being what looks like a reasonable price of $119.00CAN for the (Tool Only) RYOBI 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Fogger at HomeDepot.ca Might I also add that this tool can only be ordered online.

The tool itself out of the box is very straight forward in it’s operation. You have a 5gal tank with a clearly marked line for it’s max filling of the tank but I do wish they had made one section of the tank close to the fill line see threw to view the amount of liquid in the bottle. I keep an eye by looking through the inlet while pouring and you can slightly see the level through the bottle but not very clear and easy.

As for it’s operation you just need to pour in your liquid, slide in a RYOBI 18V ONE+ Battery and pull the trigger …. at least that’s what I was hoping.

In my case I didn’t find it to operate as expected. By looking at the photos online and the video on the HomeDepot website I was expecting to get a fog or at least a good mist but instead I got mostly air. If I moved the fogger around to slosh the liquid around it would cause it to squirt and spit a stream of liquid but no fog.

The only time I seem to get anything reasonably close to a mist or liquid was to tilt the nozzle upward but still no real fogging action and to try and hold the fogger in this position is hard and not the intended position.

I’ve gone over the Operators Manual that came with the tool and though there’s plenty of info that I would expect there’s nothing that points me in the direction that I’m operating it wrong.

It does mention to keep the liquid thin and with the amount of water and mosquito repellent I had in the tank it was still good and thin. As noted in the video I did NOT add any dish soap to the liquid. Dish soap is normally suggested when you’re using a pumping canister as it helps the liquid to stick to trees and shrubs but in the case of a fogger the goal is to create a fog or at the least a mist to help with better coverage.

The too itself with the battery inserted (2.0Ah) and water tank filled up to the max line feels good and comfortable in the hand and feels balanced. It doesn’t feel front or back heavy when walking around and besides it not fogging for me the tool is straight forward with how to use it.

For me I will be returning the tool back to HomeDepot and maybe down the road if they have a newer model fogger I will look at it again.

Tool Reviewed:
RYOBI 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Fogger (Tool Only)
Model # P2805A